About Me, or rather...For Me

why the 'Accidental Angler'?  well, honestly, i haven't caught enough fish to give me confidence to say that it wasn't an accident.

this blog is really my feeble effort to keep track of all the fishing related information i've collected as a result of my newest addiction.  this is essentially going to be my fishing 'library' or reference database, and hopefully, some of you aspirational anglers will find this information useful as well. 

what you can expect:
  • information that i find useful in helping me become a better angler, and will optimize my limited time on the water
  • occasional rant or rave on fishing related topics (ok, maybe not so 'occasional' rants)
  • unanswered questions
what you will not find:
  • hero shots (i don't really have a lot, and i really don't want to post some of other people)
  • beautiful photography (i'm a terrible photographer, and usually i'm too busy trying to catch fish to stop and snap pictures)
  • fast and frequent posts
p.s.  i gotta figure out how to do this without violating copyright laws.

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