All I Want for Christmas is a Fish

i'm going home to Texas for Christmas and New Years, and it's been more than two years since I've been back.  while it is not the same as going bone fishing in the Caribbean, at least i'll get to do some fishing, and maybe even sight fishing. 

so, i've been getting ready, and tying some flies.  from what i've read about the water i'll be fishing, there are carp, spotted bass, hybrid bass, white bass, buffalo carp, river carp suckers, blue suckers, redhorse suckers, largemouth bass, bluegills, white crappie, gar, blue catfish, channel catfish, and it will even be recently stocked with rainbow trout.  c'mon, i'd better catch something, even if the water temperatures will be low!

seems like threadfin shad is the primary baitfish, so here is an example of what i've been tying:

Sexy Shad
Not So Sexy Shad

the fly tying instructions i have been using as a general guideline can be found here.

comments, criticisms, suggestions, questions....all are welcome.

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